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MIGRATED: Contact Us

Please contact or visit our Technical Services for all supports and enquiries related to Computing Facilities and Services:

→ by phone (Hotline):

6516 2736

or extension 6-2736 (from NUS IPTel phones)

MIGRATED: Our People

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The SoC Computing Facilities (CF) team comprises three support groups:

  1. Technical Services staff;
  2. Workshop/Lab Technologists; and
  3. ITU (IT Unit) staff.

Together, we manage the IT facilities, equipment (including audio-visual), and their related services in SoC. 

We aim to provide effective and efficient services to support SoC teaching, research and administration. We want to be an enabler and to be relevant to SoC mission and business.

MIGRATED: Our Policies

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This section contains Computing Facilities' rules, regulations and a collection of policies. They are presented in various views in an attempt to help you to locate them faster. If you still find it difficult to navigate, please use the search.

MIGRATED: Computing Facilities

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Welcome to the Computing Facilities (CF) homepage of NUS School of Computing (SoC). This site contains documentation on all our IT services, facilities and equipment. A list of all our services is available in our Service Catalogue. If you are new to SoC, please be sure to check out our guide for new users.

If you have any queries or need any assistance, please contact our Technical Services.

MIGRATED: Our Facilities

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This is a brief introduction and highlight to a broad range of computing facilities and equipment available in SoC to support our staff and students. You can find out more details at the end of this introduction.


SoC provides multi-tiered file storage, web, printing, email and computation services to its staff and student users. These services run on diverse hardware platforms ranging from Intel-based 1U servers to the enterprise level UltraSparc servers.

MIGRATED: Our Services

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This section contains the Service Catalogue of SoC Computing Facilities. It contains the comprehensive list of all services we provide to our customers. The services are listed both by functional view and alphabetical view.

Note: Some of these pages are viewable only to our internal customers. You need to log in to this website to see the full list of services.

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