NUS School of Computing to me has always been synonymous to “Opportunities”. Having represented SOC as a student ambassador for almost every year of my university education, when prospective students enquire regarding my SOC experience, the opportunities SOC has given me have definitely been the main crux of answer. Therefore, I am really grateful for the exciting and enriching opportunity I had through SOC - embarking on the CASEIT journey since last December.




After meeting my other two CASEIT teammates in December, we started on our 24-hour case training on the first day of the New Year. Experiencing my first ever 24-hour case discussion, brainstorming for recommendations, analyzing feasibility & scalability of solutions, developing case deck and finally having almost no time to rehearse our first presentation - It was an incredibly enlightening journey. The very first feedback session from Prof Anand and the NUS Business School Case-Consulting partners taught me that case is actually a combination of art and science. Coming from School of Computing, we are generally trained to approach any problem in a systematic and logical manner. Given the rigorous academic training I have obtained under the Business Analytics major, it was definitely interesting to apply the knowledge to brainstorm recommendations for the cases.


However, beyond my academic knowledge there were several takeaways from the training.


·      Firstly I understood the methodology of identifying the key issues of stakeholders and then tailoring the technical recommendations to it.

·    In addition, through the training process, I was able to distinguish the feasibility of any technical solution across the various levels of organization be it an enterprise or a startup.

·      While all these improved my strategic thinking skills another key skill I acquired during the training was definitely effective presentation.


This involved both significant improvement in my slide deck work and my delivery in terms of connecting with the audience. All these definitely boosted our confidence towards the real CASEIT 2017 competition in Vancouver.





Flying over to Vancouver, meeting the host & the organizing committee from Simon Fraser University, interacting with the competitors from around the world and networking with the sponsors from SAP and Microsoft – It was an eye-opening experience. As many of the competitors were current interns or part-time consultants along with the fact that they were from diverse backgrounds, the exchange of knowledge on their tech consulting experience and industries was definitely one of my biggest value add from the CASEIT pre events.





Undeniably we did improve as a team during the course of training and the final case discussion. The case was highly tech and analytics driven and that enabled me to confidently expand my creativity in developing solutions that are relevant and up-to-date in the industry. We did put up our best fight during both our first round and the wildcard round with full confidence in our analysis and solution. However, there are several steps that we would have done differently given another opportunity to better our chances of winning. We did not stick to our schedule and hence, allocating more time to our rehearsals would have improved our presentation. Being highly detail-oriented allowed us to create feasible solutions, but delivering a higher-level story that could connect with the judges would have placed us in a better position to compete with some of the placed teams




Given this whole experience, as a SOC student, I wish I had more time in University to train and attend further CASE IT competitions. CASEIT 2017 has definitely been one of the highlights of my undergrad education. It has

  • Exposed a possible new career path for me in Tech Consulting
  • Made me aware of new technologies through case trainings, research and presentations
  • Expanded my network to include budding consultants, professionals from around the world
  • Developed my strategic thinking skills and provided a platform for me to apply them

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