MIGRATED: (New) Camtasia 9

User Guide in using "CAMTASIA 9" 

  • Desktop Screen Recording

    • Prepare PC Desktop for your presentation ( PPT slides, Videos, Music, Websites, FTP, Skype etc )

    • Double-click the desktop short-cut "Camtasia 9" 

      You will see this :-
      > Click on "New Recoding" to start a new Screen Recording session.
          (Click "New Project" if you want to edit existing videos - just like a normal "Video Editor".)

      Next, you will see this :-

    • By default both "Webcam" and "Audio" are ON.
      If not, turn ON
       both "Webcam on" and "Audio on" buttons as shown in image above.  (Click the small "arrow" to change)
      • Webcam on = (default) LogiTech HD Pro

        • You can turn OFF WEBCAM if you do not want any PiP (Picture-in-Picture) of yourself in the recorded video.

      • Audio on = (default) Blue Yeti Pro

        • Default settings = "Record System Audio" is selected. 

          • Recording audio coming from PC System (System audio) eg. Video clips, Music, Skype conversation etc
          • De-select if you only want to record your voice i.e No audio from the Windows system will be recorded.
        • Mic volume = Adjust Audio Volume "Slider" if needed. 
        • For more information, refer to Using Headphones & Computer speakers
    • You can see yourself in the small video window.
      • Hover your mouse over the small video and you will get a larger preview of yourself.
    • Select area = "Full screen" (Full desktop recording area)
    • Click "Rec"  (Or Press "F9" )

      • 3 Seconds "Countdown" before recording starts

      • Press "F9" to Pause ("F9" again to continue recording)

      • Press "F10" to stop recording.

      • The Video Editor will load :-
        ( Optional: You may want to trimm your video while in Editor mode)

    • Sharing your recorded video:
      • Click "Share" > "Local file"
      • You will be prompted to select a video format.
      • You may select = "Mp4 only (up to 720p)"  Or "MP4 only (up to 1080p)"
        • Output video resolution 720P (1280 x 720) is the recommended resolution if you are uploading to IVLE.
        • DO NOT accidentally select = "Mp4 with SmartPlayer"  - IVLE do not support SmartPlayer !
        • Optional: You can select "Custom production settings" to choose other formats.
      • Click "Next".
      • Enter a "Production" name ( i.e video filename)
      • Take note of the location of your output "Folder" :-

          "Organize produced file into sub-folders" = Checked  
          -> Your video file will be created in a sub folder of the same name as your "filename".

        • Click "Finish". 
          -> The video is rendered and saved. 

        • You can immediately upload the video file to IVLE http://ivle.nus.edu.sg) while you are in the Recording Booth. 
          OR Copy the ".mp4 file" to your THUMBDRIVE so that you can upload to IVLE in your own office.


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