MIGRATED: Photography

Migrated to = https://dochub.comp.nus.edu.sg/cf/services/photography

SoC provides phototaking by members of the SoC AV team. The service is provided for events under SoC, like seminars, conferences, competitions and ceremonies. SoC also provides this service for PhD students' defense within SoC premises. These event photos are hosted by SoC with access restricted to authorized users only. SoC reserves the right to not release materials that it deems is confidential.

Target Users for this service

The service is available to:

  • SoC Staff
  • PhD defence by students

How to apply/use this service

For SoC staff: please email techsvc @comp.nus.edu.sg

For PhD students: automatically requested by SoC Seminar Announcement System.

Request Requirements:

  • Request should be submitted 3-working days in advance.
  • Request that is submitted less than 3-working days may not has enough lead-time for our internal support arrangement and may be rejected as a result.

Where to find more supporting documents


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