Power and UPS relocation in Computer Room 1 on 19 and 20 Aug

Dear All,

SoC has commenced the long-planned upgrade of Computer Room 1 (CR1). As part of the works, the contractor has
scheduled the relocation and testing of new UPS and power source in the newly-outfitted Electrical Room 4 (ER4)
from 19th August 2016 6pm to 20th August 2016 9pm.

ER4 supplies the B source power to CR1.

While we do not expect any power supply disruption, there is always a remaining risk of an accidental power supply
trip and/or other unforeseen glitches.

What you can do to mitigate any power-related risks

1. Ensure your server connected to dual power sources, A & B.

2. If you are concerned about any potential adverse impact to your machine(s), please shut them down the day


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