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SoC BuildFac manages SoC space and room allocation within SoC buildings. Among all allocation requests, office room allocation and research-lab space allocation (including workstation) are the most wanted.

Our objective is mainly to ensure that space is fairly, adequately and optimally allocated to suit its purposes and to meet current needs; and yet able to cater to future needs.

We implement policies determined by SoC Space Management Committee, eg the Office Room Allocation Policy which follows the guidelines set by OED in principle according to staff designation, and the Space Allocation Policy. We also work closely with SoC Time Table Coordinator to collect and generate space utilization. We use the space utilization to make appropriate adjustments in allocation. Our report goes to Dean and the SoC Space Committee before being submitted to the campus SPACE.


Target Users for this service

  • SoC acad staff, HR Office, Research Office, PG Office and etc
  • SoC Staff


How to apply/use this service

A requestor needs to provide the required information below and email it to buildfac@comp.nus.edu.sg


1. Requesting office room allocation:

Specify the following information:

  • academic staff or visitor
  • department (e.g. CS, IS, Dean's Office)
  • preferred building (*subject to availability)
  • start date & end date


2. Requesting research-lab workstation allocation:

Specify the following information:

  • research cluster
  • lab coordinator and / or supervisor name
  • title (e.g. PhD, Intern, RA)
  • name and unix id of the student
  • preferred location (*subject to availability)
  • start date & end date


3. Requesting special or research lab space allocation:


  • For research lab space, the research group/project must be internal or affiliated/associated to SoC.

Processing Steps:

  1. Users shall provide the space requirements to SoC BuildFac by filling in the SoC Space Request form.
  2. SoC BuildFac will consult SoC Space Management Committee on the request.
  3. SoC BuildFac will look for appropriate space to share and/or to allocate. There must be a justification of space utilization before proceeding further.
  4. The request will be rejected if there is no space available. The users will be informed.
  5. The Space Management Committee must give the support for any space allocation.
  6. A final approval shall be sought from Dean. The users will be informed.


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