NUSNET Account

Every staff and student is entitled to a NUSNET account. The NUSNET account is given out by NUS Computer Centre.

This account will enable you to log into the Windows NUSSTF or NUSSTU domain, allow you to read your emails on the MS Exchange server (which is also run by NUS Computer Centre) and mounts a shared folder as H:\ drive (home directory).

In addition, the user can also choose to mount their home directory on SoC's unix server through Samba to their desktop. This option is disabled by default. Users can enable it through MySoC-> IT Applications-> mySoC Account Admin-> Services-> Samba.

Target Users for this service

  • All SoC staff and students
  • External users who have collaboration in SoC

How to apply/use this service

For all staff and students of SoC, a NUSNET account is given by default. Nothing needs to be done.

For external users, the host can apply for account(s) on behalf of their guest(s) by going to

Alternatively, the host can also send a request with the following information through email to techsvc at least 7 working days before the arrival of their guest(s):

  • Name
  • NRIC/FIN/Passport
  • Duration of the account
  • Organization
  • Staff in charged

Where to find more supporting documents


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