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Welcome to the Computing Facilities (CF) homepage of NUS School of Computing (SoC). This site contains documentation on all our IT services, facilities and equipment. A list of all our services is available in our Service Catalogue. If you are new to SoC, please be sure to check out our guide for new users.

If you have any queries or need any assistance, please contact our Technical Services.

MIGRATED: Our Services

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This section contains the Service Catalogue of SoC Computing Facilities. It contains the comprehensive list of all services we provide to our customers. The services are listed both by functional view and alphabetical view.

Note: Some of these pages are viewable only to our internal customers. You need to log in to this website to see the full list of services.

Functional View of Our Services

Teaching Support

Mail, Print and Web

Network and Communication


Computer Hosting

Hardware Support

Computer Account and Server

AV Support


There are services which we provide but are not yet catalogued. You can find them in:



You can approach Technical Services for any help related to all the services we provide.

Please do note that we are not able to help you on services offered and managed by ComCen. For such services, you need to approach ITCare@nus.edu.sg.


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SoC CMS is a web-based content management system for page owners to edit SoC Corporate webpage contents. Users will login to https://cms.comp.nus.edu.sg/admin.

Target Users for this service

Users (admin/academic/students) who have been granted access.

How to apply/use this service

Only users identified by various sections stakeholders may apply to use this service. New users need to contact cmshelp@comp.nus.edu.sg.

For user support and enquiries, please contact cmshelp@comp.nus.edu.sg.

Where to find more supporting documents

User guide is available here: https://cms.comp.nus.edu.sg/user-guide. (login required)

MIGRATED: Photography

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SoC provides phototaking by members of the SoC AV team. The service is provided for events under SoC, like seminars, conferences, competitions and ceremonies. SoC also provides this service for PhD students' defense within SoC premises. These event photos are hosted by SoC with access restricted to authorized users only. SoC reserves the right to not release materials that it deems is confidential.

Target Users for this service

The service is available to:

  • SoC Staff
  • PhD defence by students

How to apply/use this service

For SoC staff: please email techsvc @comp.nus.edu.sg

For PhD students: automatically requested by SoC Seminar Announcement System.

Request Requirements:

  • Request should be submitted 3-working days in advance.
  • Request that is submitted less than 3-working days may not has enough lead-time for our internal support arrangement and may be rejected as a result.

Where to find more supporting documents

MIGRATED: Recording Booth

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A Recording Booth has been installed in the Multipupose Space (COM2-04-01)in COM2.
It is a self-service, convenient and suitable for audio and video recordings, especially for teaching purposes

The booth comes with special wall acoustic panels, sound reflection wall boards and soundproof door which serve to provide a better quality of recording as compared to a normal room. It is equipped with a PC installed with Camtasia Recorder 8, Camtasia Studio 8 and Camtasia Relay.

Target Users for this service

The booth is available to:

  • SoC staff
  • SoC students

How to apply/use this service

For SoC staff: booking through SoC Calcium Calendar for Recording Booth @ COM2#04-01

For SoC students: when the room is not booked/used by staff.

Where to find more supporting documents

MIGRATED: Video Conference

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SoC provides the video conferencing service in a room that it operates, hosted in the Video Conference Room (COM1-02-13). The room is designed with mics and cameras convenient for the purpose. It is specially configured to make video conferencing more convenient as compared to a normal room. SoC users are encouraged to use this facility for official meetings if they need to meet with other party(s) in separate location(s).

Target Users for this service

  • SoC Staff
  • SoC PhD students' defence
  • Other NUS departments (charges may apply.)

How to apply/use this service

Where to find more supporting documents

MIGRATED: Our Facilities

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This is a brief introduction and highlight to a broad range of computing facilities and equipment available in SoC to support our staff and students. You can find out more details at the end of this introduction.


SoC provides multi-tiered file storage, web, printing, email and computation services to its staff and student users. These services run on diverse hardware platforms ranging from Intel-based 1U servers to the enterprise level UltraSparc servers.

Our hardware comprise six Sunfire T6320 blades, one Sunfire T3 blade, two Sun M3000 servers, four Sun T2000 servers, one T5240 server, a 100+ node Linux-based Compute Cluster and a host of other Intel and AMD64-based machines running either Solaris or Linux.

SoC users log onto the T6320 blades for their Unix-based general computing needs. All other services can be accessed from these hosts. Students and staff can run compute intensive jobs on a Linux based compute cluster of more than 100 32-bit and 64-bit Intel/AMD nodes.

Personal Computers

SoC has many personal computers (mainly running Windows XP, with some Vista and Win7), located in various laboratories and offices. Most PCs use the campus-wide NUSNET-IV local area network and need authentication based on Windows technology.

The School operates about 16 Windows servers some of which are domain controllers of the "computing" domain. The Windows servers provides such services as: staff and student NUSNET file and print services, Windows-based web server for student projects and research and other student and administrative services.

The School also offers virtual machines (VMs) to staff and students for teaching and research purposes.

In addition to these common resources, individual research labs and research projects also have their own computing facilities for research purposes.


SoC operates a high-speed fully switched network connecting over 3000 computers at Gigabit Ethernet speeds. Ten Gigabit Ethernet is used in the network core, connections to Computer Room, other parts of NUS campus and the Internet. The network provides access to resources and services not only in SoC but also to those provided by Computer Centre.

SoC and NUS campus networks enjoy high-speed Internet access, providing quick and convenient access to global information resources. A VPN gateway provides secure remote access to our network. Mobile computing on campus is a breeze thanks to pervasive Wireless LAN access and convenient wired Ethernet connections for plug-and-play network access.

Student Laboratories

SoC has several teaching laboratories which supplement classroom teaching. These laboratories include: Graphics Lab, Media Lab, Data Communication and Networking Lab, Operating System Lab, Embedded Systems Lab, Computation Labs and Programming Labs.

MIGRATED: Our Policies

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This section contains Computing Facilities' rules, regulations and a collection of policies. They are presented in various views in an attempt to help you to locate them faster. If you still find it difficult to navigate, please use the search.

Administrative View of Our Policies

SoC Account

Desktop, Notebook and iPad

Computer Room

Security and Network

Agreement and Acceptable Use

Budget and Assets


User's Views of Our Policies

Applicable to all users

Applicable to all staff

For Hosting Systems in Computer Room

For Incubation Centre Company

MIGRATED: Our People

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The SoC Computing Facilities (CF) team comprises three support groups:

  1. Technical Services staff;
  2. Workshop/Lab Technologists; and
  3. ITU (IT Unit) staff.

Together, we manage the IT facilities, equipment (including audio-visual), and their related services in SoC. 

We aim to provide effective and efficient services to support SoC teaching, research and administration. We want to be an enabler and to be relevant to SoC mission and business.

(Please note that we are not able to help you on services offered and managed by ComCen or NUS IT. You need to approach ITCare@nus.edu.sg for help.) 

Find out more about: